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BAF: Bunker adjustment factor
BKO: Booking Office
B/L: Bill of lading
CAF: Currency adjustment factor
CBR: Commodity Box Rate
CFS: Container Freight Station
CKD: Completely Knocked Down
C/L: Container Load
CSP: Container Service Port
CST: Container Service Tariff
CT: Conference Terms
CTB: Combined Transport Bill of lading
CY: Container Yard
DGR: Dangerous Goods Request
DIC: Delivery in Charges
D/O: Delivery Order
DS: Department Store
ECD: Empty Container Depot
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
EIF: Equipment Investor Factor
EQR: Equipment Request
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
EZC: European Zone Charge
FAK: Freight All Kinds
FCL: Full Container Load
FEU: Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
FIO: Free In and Out
FILO: Free In lIner Out
GSCR: General Special Cargo Request
IMO: InterGovernmental Maritime Consultant Organization
ISO: International Standard Organization
L/C: Letter of Credit
LCL: Less than Container Load
LIFO: Liner in Free Out
M: Measuremnet
MCBR: Mixed Commodity Box Rates
NAI: Net All In
NNW: Non Negotiable Waybill
NOE: Not Otherwise Enumerated
NTA: Non Tariff Agreement
NTR: Non Tariff Rate
OH: Over Height
OL: Over Length
OOG: Out Of Gauge
OW: Over Width
PLOA: Place of Acceptance
POD: Place of Delivery
PLOR: Place of Receipt
POL: Place of Loading
RCR: Reefer Cargo Request
SCQ: Special Commodity Quotation
SITC: Standard International Trade Classification
SISCQ: Sundry Items Special Commodity Quotation
TCSP: Trough Container Service Port
TEU: Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit. Medida equivalente a 20 pies
THC: Terminal Handling Charge
T/S: Transshipment
W: Weight
W/M: Weight / Measurement